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Benefits of Botanical Products and Dietary Supplements

According to the Dietary Guidelines issued by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), botanical products that are regulated as medications include all plants which may be used for therapeutic indications, i.e., all parts of the plant not having a toxic effect when administered in the same dose or at the same conditions. In addition, botanical products that are used for research purposes are not considered drugs but are used for testing and experimentation intended for development of new drugs. Although the definition of a botanical product is very general, some narrower boundaries are generally employed to demarcate Botanical Products. According to the FDA, dietary supplements are any substances consumed by humans intended to provide nutrition; those intended to increase the severity of a disease or to improve the patient's health or the ability to protect the public from disease; and botanicals and herbal remedies that are used to prevent, cure, suppress cancer, administer to prevent the spread of a disease, improve the appearance of the body, increase energy, treat an injury, or increase the strength or stamina of the body. Other uses are to prevent, decrease the side effects of surgery, stabilize the heart rate during exercise, treat nausea or vomiting, or help increase the effectiveness of other drugs.Visit this companys homepage to get the best botanicals and herbal remedies.

The FDA has further subdivided botanical products into three main classes based on the ingredients and the manufacturing methods of production. These classes are: naturally occurring botanicals; synthetic botanicals; and mixtures of natural botanicals and other ingredients. Commonly used botanicals and herbal medicines in dietary supplements include: herbs, spices, distilled water, dried extracts of fruits, some kinds of berries, and roots.

Although FDA specifies the botanical drug product as one that has the necessary strength to do the job and to do it well, the concentration and the dosage are important factors. Generally, when manufacturing a botanical drug product, the concentration is lower than in botanical drugs that come from nature. In addition, because of the manufacturing process, some of the botanical drugs from nature may be accidentally omitted from the formulation. It is best to check with the pharmacist or doctor before taking any kind of herbal medicine or botanical drug product, especially if you have any history of allergies or diseases associated with herbal products.

The botanical products and medicines that are derived from plants are not considered to be drugs in the strictest sense of the word. Dietary supplements are a legal and legitimate way for consumers to maintain health by providing the vitamins and minerals they need through plants. Dietary supplements may also be called "herbal medicines" or "natural health products". In recent years, the botanical drug development industry has become very profitable as more attention is paid to alternative and healthier ways to ensure optimum health.

Dietary supplements, including botanicals and herbs, are produced from plants in different forms. Most dietary preparations can be ingested orally. Botanicals and herbs are used as food ingredients, added to food or liquids to make them taste better, smell more pleasant or offer additional health benefits. Botanical products, including those that are produced from plants, are generally prepared from extracts that are isolated from the plant material used to produce the preparation. Extracted preparations are more concentrated than their extract-based counterparts, and therefore tend to have higher levels of active ingredients. Many botanical products are now formulated to be low in fat and contain no added sugar or calories.

Botanical products, which can include extracts from herbs and other plant-based ingredients, have been shown to provide many positive health benefits for individuals who consume them on a daily basis. Extracts from certain plants are especially known for their anti-cancer properties, while extracts from other plants have been shown to improve cardiovascular health and prevent or heal acute injuries. Botanical products are often prepared from plant material that has been grown in the same environment for years, which allows for a higher level of purity and potency when the final product is created. For more understanding of this article, visit this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_supplement.

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